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NTSA International, 2016.  18th edition. 176 pages. Soft cover.

A generic Canadian edition, this spiral-bound behind-the-wheel manual guides all aspects of the driving task. Schedule for 12 basic student lessons, 50 hour (or more) parent/adult supervised practice as well as several advanced manœuvres. 

Each lesson has objectives listed, an outline of material to be reviewed, step-by-step illustrations of each manœuvre, cumulative evaluations (two copies; one for school records, one remains in the book for the student and parents to view), and a facing NOTES page for specific comments. The manual coordinates instructor and parent/adult supervised practice.

Finally, you are about to get behind the wheel and apply what you learned in the theory program. This manual was conceived to facilitate your in-car training taking into account all of the most recent developments in traffic safety education and vehicle technology.

The average beginner requires a minimum of fifty hours of practice and instruction to learn to drive properly. This manual was created for use by your instructor as well as your parent/guardian or designated adult who may supervise practice sessions. All of them may use this manual to communicate and coordinate your training - for the best result possible, your safety.

The best drivers practice defensive driving techniques, reducing risk and thereby driving collision-free.

Supplementary materials available:  

Today’s Drivers Manual”- a student textbook

Today’s Drivers Workbook”- a student exercise book complete the Canadian traffic safety education TRIO.